In A World Where Werewolves, Witches,Vampires, And Hunters Are No Nightmare But Reality.
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 Alpha Asher Smith

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Asher Smith

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PostSubject: Alpha Asher Smith   Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:40 pm

Asher William Smith

Character Age: 22
NickNames?: Ashy & Alpha
Member Group?: Lycans
Species?: Lycan
Rank?: Alpha Male
Face Claim?: Liam Hemsworth

Personality(5+ Sentences): Asher is one of those dominant guys, he doesn't take bullshit from anyone and he'll put you in your place. He's a pretty straight out person so he'll tell you anything straight up with no hesitation and no care. Asher dose have manners though, if you respect him he'll respect you back, he's also logical he won't do something before thinking it over. Asher can be pretty funny most of the time in which he is he's really chill but if you push his buttons that's a side of him no one wants to see. He isn't scared to fight if anything he'll push for a fight. He doesn't hesitate if someone is hurting his loved one. He is very caring and protective over his family and pack mates and won't hesitate to die protecting them.

Asher isn't all no fun and games, if anything looks could be playing games. Asher could be one of the funniest people you'll ever meet and one of the most sarcastic. He loves to joke around and chill because he doesn't think life shouldn't be wasted in regret he thinks life should be fully lived. Asher could be one of the most caring persons in the world if you gets close to you, once's he's close good luck trying making him back off.

History(5+ Sentences):
Asher was born into Circo Pack, his father was former alpha known as Blake. His mother was a rouge who gave birth to him and left him with his father alone in the pack and she fled. Asher never knew his mother but his father told him she died during a land dispute from the vampires so he deeply hates vampires with all his guts. Asher grew up as the only child but made friends quickly around the pack. When witches tried to rise to power and called war against Circo pack over land they fought. Asher was 21 and that's when his father died leaving the Alpha throne to him.

When it does come down to serious manners the reason why Asher dose not mess around is because of the way how his first year went as alpha. They thought of Asher as a weaklingy who just go handed the title of alpha. Asher is a little protective of the subject on him becoming alpha. Many people questioned him and dis obeyed him so that's when he came out of his shell and took the role of a dominant alpha and put people in his place.
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Alpha Asher Smith
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