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 Jonathan Morgan

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Jonathan Morgan


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PostSubject: Jonathan Morgan   Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:06 am

Character Full Name
Jonathan Dean Morgan

Picture(s), Don't stretch the page

Character's Age:


Member Group?:



Face Claim?:
Jensen Ackles

Personality (5+ sentences):
Johnny has a good sense of humor and he is always trying to crack jokes and make people laugh. His sense of humor is mostly sarcastic and sometimes is at the expense of others… and himself as well. He’s been a joker ever since he was a human and it used to get him into a fair amount of trouble. He's very witty and is always fast with comebacks. Even though he likes to provide comic relief, he usually knows when to shut his mouth... usually.

Johnny is a natural born leader, possessing many of the qualities that a good leader must have. He’s intelligent, daring, and willing to take control. He also doesn’t like being told what to do... he’d much rather be the one calling the shots than just follow orders. His leadership does have flaws though and sometimes he does things without thinking. He also is very impatient, even though he has an unlimited amount of time. It sometimes gets on people's nerves how much he hates waiting. When in a bad mood, Johnny is usually very quiet and snaps easily. If it's a very bad day, he'll get angry at the smallest things; if you know him well, it's actually quite comical.

Johnny is a little bit distrusting of everyone around him and this is sometimes a big turn-off. It takes him a long time to let someone in and there are only a few people that he truly trusts. Another one of his flaws is that he's pretty judgmental. He usually judges people right off the bat. It's a horrible thing to do and he knows it, but he can't help it! He's working on this and he's starting to understand that first impressions aren't necessarily everything. He's not completely stupid though, he still trusts his instincts if something tells him there is something off about someone.

Johnny has always been a very adventurous man who likes to explore places and try new things. He's a risk-taker and never backs down from a challenge. He loves heights and is a big fan of rock climbing as well as any other sports involving heights. Johnny also loves to travel the world and see new places. He's a fun person to be with and he isn't boring. You're guaranteed a good time when hanging out with him. Hunter is very opinionated and almost always speaks his mind.

History (5+ sentences):
Johnny was born to Jason & Carly Morgan in Port Charles, New York. His parents seemed happy to finally have a baby in the house. It had been lonely for them prior to Jason working 5 days out of the week at the sheriff's department while Carly spent most of her time at home or going shopping.

There wasn't mch for her to do there, seeing as how it is a smaller town then the other ones around. Johnny seemed to just sprout up, according to his parents. The time just flew by, before they knew it he was already in pre-school, then Elementary, making good friends along the way who inevitably seemed to move away, saying they couldn't take a small town anymore and needed to get on with their lives.

In high school, he made a few friends, it wasn't a large group. More-so a tight knit gang of friends that always hung out after school at a bar called the Floating Rib and talked about random things. But when Jonathan was in his final year of high school, his father seemed to come down with an unknown illness, that was one of the hardest times of his life: Seeing his father lying in that bed, nothing cold be done for him.

Little did they know, his father was actually in transition to become a vampire. (the father didn't even know).

As the hours passed on, he cold find himself wanting more and more blood, he could hear it pumping throughout the veins in everbody that was around his bed. More hours passed by before he died.

Two hours later, Jason woke up as a vampire and was extremely hungry. Jason snuck out of his room and went into Jonathan's. He sat on the bed and called out to Jonathan.

Jonathan woke up startled at hearing his father's voice. Jonathan sat up and stared at his father, unsure of what to say or what to do. Before he could do anything, Jason bit his neck and started drinking eagerly.

Jonathan cried out softly and tried to push  his father off  of him. Jason bit down harder and continued drinking eagerly. Jonathan struggled, desperately trying to get free. Jason felt him struggling. He held him down and drank deeply.

Jonathan stopped struggling and went limp under his father. Once his heart beat slowed down, his father took his fangs out his neck. He bit into his wrist and force fed Jonathan hs blood. Once Jonathan had enough, Jason pulled his wrist away.

Jonathan layed there with tears in his eyes. Jason pulled the pillow out from under Jonathan's head and smothered him with it. An hour later, Jonathan woke up, hungrier then ever. Jason took him out hunting.

Instead of feeding in humans, Jonathan & his father fed on a couple of deers in the woods behind their house. From that day on, Jonathan has lived on animal blood and has never fed on a human being. He doesn't plan on feeding on humans either.

As leader of the clan, he is going to make sure that no vampire under his law, ever feasts on a human being. He is going to make sure they feed on either human blood in bags (from the blood bank) or animal blood.

Anyone in his clan who breaks the rules will be punished. That punishment will be Death.

Secret Code:
"We're Not Monsters"
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Jonathan Morgan
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