In A World Where Werewolves, Witches,Vampires, And Hunters Are No Nightmare But Reality.
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 The RP Rules

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Asher Smith

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PostSubject: The RP Rules   Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:36 pm

1) Please RP realistically, we are a semi realistic super natural creature role play meaning no powers, no unusual eye colors, pelt coloration etc.
2) No god Modding/Controlling other characters unless you are given permission to. That means that you can't control the other character or make them die or whatever you had in mind.
3) No Auto hitting, that means you cannot injure someone unless they take the hit for example, "My claws raked against your skin leaving a gash". You have to give them a chance to dodge it not that you can not also dodge every attack given though.
4) Maximum characters allowed on here is unlimited but make sure to keep them active or they will be deleted
5) Do NOT ask for a higher rank please!
6) RP fairly and keep in mind the rules as well
7) Please no double naming, this means if another user has the name you wanted you cannot name your wolf that. This is confusing and it is a first come first serve. There is an exception if you PM the user with the original name first and ask if you could name your wolf that name as well, with approval you may name your wolf that name but you must notify and admin online to confirm. This also means no double face claims unless the original user wants to have a 'twin'
8.) Please remain active, if your planning on joining please do not join and run. This means you join and stay on for a couple days then never return, please try to get involved to have fun! I know the site is reopening so it might be slow but give us a chance (: If you are planning on leaving the site please PM the main admin (Alpha Asher).
9)Please respect one another, issues in the past made the form fall apart. Respect is key for in order to have fun. There will also be NO bullying of any kind what so ever that is an automatic BAN! This forum is to have fun not to bash on one another so please do not disrespect or bully.(Exception if it's IC and messing around.
10)Please do not double post or spam the forums. You will get a warning, this means you must wait for another person to post before posting again. You may only spam in the CB but not in an annoying manner. Spamming and double posting makes the forums dirty so please keep this in mind.
11)NO advertising in any forums or through PMS, you will be banned from the forum. There is a certain place to place adds and that is in the advertisement section. No advertising in the chat box at all this means do not bring up other forums, names of forums or links do not mention a sit because members will want to leave to join it.
12)If you register and leave and do not post your bio up within 2 weeks your account will be deleted
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The RP Rules
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